Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fit For Life

Greetings blogger friends! Thanks for popping in to hear today's story. I jump-started my summer health kick today. It was bound to happen--and time too. The tummy is starting to get a little fuller--not a fan. As you all know I'm already a very healthy eater 94% of the time. However, I've started reading this new book that really makes me look at food differently. It's called Fit For Life. My Mom has been a fan for nearly 2 decades now. Most people have never heard of the book but it's a really interesting read. It explains how food breaks down in the body and it's very detailed. They point out two things in particular that were very interesting to me and I thought I'd share.

1.) Humans are the only mammal that continue to drink milk once we're adults. As they say, you never see a grown cow drinking milk from another grown cow. Humans are the only ones who do that. Why do we continue to drink milk--and another mammal's milk for that matter? And by we I don't mean me. I've never been a fan of milk. I do like a hot chocolate in the winter every now and then but my Mom has never kept milk in the house so I guess that's why I've never been into milk. I can honestly say I've never, ever, ever, drank a glass of milk. Ever. Totally agreeing with the authors of this book. It's not right and very unnatural.

2.) Point number 2 that really sparked my interest was the whole idea of us eating meat. The authors feel we're not even psychologically equipped to eat meat. The example they give is that if we're taking a stroll and a chipmuck scurries across our path--our first instinct isn't to pounce on it and eat it right then and there. Also our teeth aren't meant for meat-eating. A carnivore's teeth are long and sharp--all of them. We have molars for crushing and grinding.

It's all just very interesting. They aren't encouraging people to be vegans. They're just laying out how the human body was built. They also encourage that if you want to have a healthy body that digests food properly you need to combine your foods the correct way. Apparently, they believe you should only have vegetables and carbs. Or vegetables and meat. Never carbs and meat together because when the two combined get into your body, your body has to work too hard to break them both down. Which leads to excess fat/weight gain/toxins etc. They say you're body will make a complete transformation if you eat only fruit for breakfast and snacks, and combine your food properly (aka veggies/meat OR veggies/carbs. And also no dairy. Because its eww.
Anywho, I've decided to try it. It's really not too different from how I eat anyway except I never eat breakfast (except for an occasional cappuccino) and I tend to eat turkey sandwiches for lunch...with goldfish crackers on the side...and snack with more goldfish crackers during the day.
This book makes you want to ignore your 'bad' cravings and just treat your body the way you would treat.....your dog--perfectly, wonderfully, spoiled with only goodness.
Alright. I'm almost boring myself. Until tomorrow....

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