Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Four Things

---Thing number 1: Glee was so good yesterday. You know I'm amazed when I pop out my phone and buy the song immediately. That would be I Feel Pretty/Unpretty and Born This Way. I now have two versions of Born This Way on my phone. Love that song. Pretty/Unpretty will be sung by yours truly in the car on repeat for a while. Speaking of yours truly singing....I have a little Kara knowledge I've never told you before. I tried out for American Idol. When I was....20?? Yep. Mom and I hopped in the car, drove to Austin, woke up at the break of dawn, sat in a ridiculously long line, waited for hours for me to sing for producers....only to be turned down first round. Boo! It was a really interesting experience. I was blown away at how many amazing singers were there. A lot of good ones get turned away....and it's such a shame. Two you may know of: Amber Riley (aka Mercedes--Glee) and Hillary Scott (aka Lady Antebellum). Can you believe that!!!!??? Definitely makes me feel better about my vocal skills.
---Thing number 2: Today is her birthday!!

Happy Birthday to the kind of best friend every girl should get to have in their life! (Isn't Rose a cutie!)
---Thing number 3: I didn't get to share much about my Easter day. I went to Fellowship Little Rock with my family. Seriously yall, that church never fails to blow my mind. We walked into the sanctuary and Mom said 'oh wow we've got an orchestra today.' Yep. A full blown orchestra complete with a trumpet section as well. Let's not forget Kim Qualls (aka singer known to give goosebumps) and the sweet little Point of Grace gal. I took this pic just for your guys...

Now....I'm a singer. However, when I'm at this church, all I want to do is close my eyes and listen. That's how moved this singer gets while attending Fellowship Little Rock. To not even want to sing myself but simply listen to the beauty being sung before me. Amazing! One song I'm loving these days--O The Blood by Gateway Worship. While at the gym today, I felt no desire to listen to my 'pump me up music' but instead listen to O The Blood--on repeat--for 30 minutes. I even closed my eyes, raised my hands, and mouthed the words. So powerful! I don't care if people thought I was weird. Buy this song--if you haven't already.
---Thing number 4: I would love to get involved with the Fellowship NWA praise team. I've been talking with Scott about it for quite a few months now. I feel like the Lord is telling me I need to be a part of it. I don't know though. It's such a big church. I'm almost sure if I pursued it they'd be like 'and who are you??' Devil talking? I guess I'm quite familiar with the worship I was in his wedding after all. Ha! We shall see....
That's all I've got for ya. Enjoy your Wednesday. Week's almost over!!

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