Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Stores (For Me)--New Wardrobe

Greetings! I hope your day has been splendid. I, for one, enjoyed a rain-free day. They come few and far between these days. Since I'm headed to Memphis In May this weekend, of course a new wardrobe was in need (insert Scott rolling his eyes here). I feel like my clothing should be very boho-chic for a music festival. Eh? I decided to pop in SOHO and browse their clothing since I had to pick up something for Scott. I don't believe I've ever purchased anything for myself in there but I found 2 new dresses that are super cute and will work perfectly for the weekend! I tried to find pics of them online to show you but wasn't successful so I'll just take pics this weekend and post on here!
I decided one of the dresses needed a belt. Now, I'm not one who really cares to spend a lot of money on a belt. So off to Forever 21 I went. I found one for $8!! Plus a few other things as well. I usually don't have luck in Forever 21. I try to shop their $12 tops and dresses but always walk out empty handed. I love their earrings and a lot of my earrings come from Forever. Clothing on the other hand--I don't own hardly any of it. Sometimes when my friends look super cute I'm like 'OMG that's presh where did you get that?' And they proudly announce 'Forever 21!" Ugh. Never happens for me. HOWEVER, I found 3 super cute items today and I just had to share with you!!
I love the loud top, fun sundress and casual maxi! Perfect for summer right?! Can't you just see me walking on a beach--barefoot--in that maxi? Guess I'm going to need to book a trip to the beach now!! I'm so excited about my new purchases! From stores I never purchase from too!! I'm always in a dress in the summertime so my new items today make me giddy all over! Okay I better get dinner ready. I'm starving!!!!

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