Monday, April 25, 2011

Landon Love

This weekend I got to spend time with my sweet little buddy! In the past, I always thought kids weren't as fun past toddler age but I find myself enjoying him more and more the older he gets! He just says the darnedest things!

Friday night Landon and his Uncle Scott played baseball together. Landon always wants someone to play with him. He doesn't enjoy playing alone.
While waiting on dinner, I decide Landon and I should indulge in an impromptu photo shoot.

I always brag about how Landon is my 'little athlete.' So I thought I'd shoot this video of him and Kyle playing some ball---to prove it!

After lunch on Saturday, Scott and I took Landon for the day and spent some quality time with him. I thought it would be such a great idea to go to PetSmart to show Landon the birds and fish. Little did I know the humane society was there with lots of puppies and kitties.....
Landon found this little guy and just had to have him. (He was the cutest kitten I think I've ever seen in my life.) I knew Kyle wouldn't want a cat but I called him anyway to satisfy Landon. After being at PetSmart for nearly an hour and not being able to pull Landon away from the kitty, we finally managed to walk out of the door empty handed.

Then we delt with this for a solid 30 minutes. Landon kept saying over and over 'that kitty loved me so much.' I felt terrible for him. Scott thought he was being a little dramatic and I told him that's how I felt when I went to Vegas and he told me I couldn't get the Chanel bag I've been wanting for a zillion years.

Landon continues to say he wants that kitty for Christmas....
On Saturday we had a little birthday celebration with the family for Landon. We got him a pinata and it was a major hit. I've never seen a child more entertained. He loved it!

What a fun weekend! It never fails to be entertaining when Landon Luttrell is in town!

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