Friday, April 22, 2011

You Did What In His Face!?

Scott and I got into Little Rock around 10 last night. This morning I woke up and got to see my little buddy....
After a lunch at Jason's Deli, Mom, Scott, Kyle, Landon and I went to the mall to search for Landon an Easter outfit. We started browsing the shoes and Landon was standing right behind Kyle, bored out of his mind. Suddenly Landon says in a very disturbed and quite sad voice 'you just farted in my face.'
Shocked at the accusation, laughter erupts from all four of us. Kyle turned around to Landon and said 'I'm sorry buddy I didn't know you were standing right behind me.' Then, Landon said it again 'you farted in my face.'
At this point we are unable to control our laughter. However, Landon does not find it funny one little bit and starts crying big crocodile tears. Mom somehow managed to keep her laughter silent and picked up Landon to console him. Meanwhile Landon keeps saying over and over to Mom throughout his sobbing meltdown 'he farted in my face. He farted in my face.' He probably said it 22 times. At this point I'm nearly on the floor laughing. I'm also quite tickled at Mom who's holding him and stroking his hair saying over and over in such a sweet and soft voice 'he didn't mean it.' Poor Landon. He just felt so disrespected.
Apparently, that saying we learned in elementary school is true. SBD---Silent But Deadly.

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