Friday, May 20, 2011

Dont Be a Drag, Just Be A Queen

It's the weekend and mine is packed. Scott and I just finished dinner with Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate our birthdays. I love going to dinner with them. They insist on a 4 course meal and if your favorite wine doesn't come in a glass? Well then you of course just go ahead and order the bottle. Plus, the restaurants always know Grandma and Grandpa and give them the best waiter with impeccable service. As the Brits would say, dining with them is Brilliant!
So...Scott's 27th birthday update. His office takes people out to lunch for their birthdays so he did Abuelos for that. I feel as if everyone needs a cake on their birthday so I surprised Scott and delivered a cake to his office. He's so professional at work and I had a bit of anxiety about it. I was worried he'd be like 'please don't randomly show up at my office again without warning me first' but he loved it and so did everyone else. I really enjoy 'his girls.' His boss and his two direct reports are all women so we call them 'his girls.' They're so sweet. We actually all had lunch together one day--without Scott. It was fun! They loved the cake and Scott loved the surprise. (Whew!!)
I really made no special plans for the evening. It was a Wednesday so I figured we could do whatever we wanted without reservations. Scott decided he wanted Bonefish. On our way we invited his Dad and we all enjoyed a nice and yummy meal together. Scott thinks of his birthday as just another day. He never requires anything special. I'm the opposite. I think everybody's birthday should be a HUGE celebration. It's hard now though. People work and have so much going the past I've always tried to plan fun stuff but nobody can ever show up so I'm over that. It was still a very nice day though.
I didn't get Scott a present. He would rather me not spend the money. I've told you all about his ummm...........savingness.
PLUS, we're headed to Florida in a few days so we designated that our present to one another.
Tomorrow I'm on bridesmaid duty. Jaclyn, Christina, Anna, and I are throwing Jax and Craig a wedding shower. We decided upon The West End, formally known as On The Rocks. Ha! That kinda makes me laugh but the patio is so nice so we went for it. Hopefully it won't rain. I've got special duties that I've gotta take care of tomorrow (procrastinator) so I'll be busy with that.
OOOkay I'm bored and I'd be willing to bet you are too. The end.

I'll leave you with this. I wasn't sure if I should share this covo between Jake and myself but decided 'ehhh....Why not!!!'

(It's a pic of Lady Gaga in this months Harpers Bazaar. Please check it out. You'll understand this even more if you do.)

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