Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorite Person's Birthday Is Today

Today my husband officially made the jump to his 'late' twenties. Scott turned 27 today! In honor of his 27 years on Earth, I'm going to tell all of you 27 things that I love about him.

1.) His ambition
2.) His mad grilling skills
3.) That his pet name for me is 'gorgeous'
4.) That he'll just watch whatever I'm watching on TV
5.) His sweet heart
6.) That he makes me laugh
7.) His tidiness
8.) That he can still do algebra, trig, chemistry, and calculus like he just learned it yesterday. Smarty Pants
9.) His cute face
10.) His calm/chill/laid back/sweet nature
11.) That he still opens the car door for me
12.) His nice fashion sense
13.) That people tell me all the time how great he is
14.) His crazy car knowledge
15.) His humbleness
16.) How private he likes to keep his life. I find that intriguing as I'm the total opposite
17.) That he never says anything mean or negative about anybody
18.) His sexy arms
19.) His perfect smile
20.) How much he loves Holly
21.) His love for Christ and our church
22.) That he still sings the song even though he gets all the words wrong
23.) His love for great food and great wine
24.) That he knows all the key strokes on the keyboard instead of using a mouse
25.) His addiction to cheese of any kind
26.) That he irons everything
27.) That he's, plain and simple, a really great guy.

............I could do 27 + 27 + 27 more....................

Happy 27th Birthday Scott Michael Johnson. The love of my life, my favorite guy, my best friend, my biggest supporter, my hard worker, my favorite company and soul mate. I love you and I'm so glad you were born!!! :)

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