Sunday, May 8, 2011

Faith Juanita Luttrell

I got word on Friday while I was lunching in New York City that my grandmother had just passed away. I immediately had my brother search for flights so I could fly into Little Rock instead of XNA. I woke up at 5:30 this morning, took the earliest flight out of New York and arrived in Little Rock at 12:30. Scott drove down from NWA and picked me up at the airport then we drove to El Dorado so I could make it in time for the visitation. My grandmother's funeral is tomorrow at 2:00.
Some of my greatest childhood memories were spent with my Mimi and Gran. They lived on a huge farm complete with a swimming pool, lake, paddle boats, golf carts, tennis courts, swing sets, trampolines, juke boxes, pool tables, and toys galore! It was a child's dreamland!
While it's always sad to lose a loved one, I can't help but feel that my grandmother lived the life we all hope to have--very long and very full. She has seen the face of God now and is reunited with the love of her life and all of her family and friends who have gone before her. She is rejoicing and singing His praises and I can't help but smile and wonder exactly what her life is like now. We can only imagine!
Mimi was the El Dorado High School Homecoming Queen her senior year as seen in this photograph here. She went to college at UCA (very unheard of for those times right!?) and got a degree in music. I remember sitting with her on the piano bench while she entertained her grandkids with old hymns and Christmas carols.
Mimi and Gran had the opportunity to travel all over the world! She spent the majority of her time volunteering and being very involved in her church. They loved to host people at their house for lunch and dinner. It was always a busy place!
Mimi looked so beautiful tonight. She was wearing a three strand pearl necklace and a beautiful baby pink chiffon dress that she wore to all 3 of her children's wedding. The vintage dress looks so timeless and classic and I can't think of a more perfect dress to be laid to rest in.
We will miss you Mimi but we're so happy to know that you are walking the streets of gold along those pearly gates. Thank you for setting your entire family an example by living a life for Christ. We will reunite with you again one day and praise His name together.

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