Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh My, Is That Sunshine?

Who's tired of this rain? Umm....tired would be an understatement for me. Mostly I'm tired of the rain because it's put a serious slow-down on my outdoor living space building. AND, one of my pots of flowers I planted before all of this rain is ruined. They're just entirely too delicate to handle all of this apparently. Oh well. I felt as if I could do a better job with that one anyway.
I've been in Little Rock since last.....who knows when. My little buddy was in town (and had a meltdown when he had to leave...aww) then I had Memphis In May. I got back just yesterday because it was raining so badly and I cannot drive very well in the rain because it terrifies me and I'm blind and can't see. So I stayed behind and hung with Mom. However, Home Sweet Home never felt so good.
It will be short lived though--I'm off to NEW YORK CITY tomorrow. WaHo! This will be my gozillionith trip but it never gets old. I try to convince Scott all the time to move to NYC...or California...or Chicago....
I've got a busy day today to get ready for my trip tomorrow especially since I've been gone for nearly two weeks now. I'm going to take advantage of this sunshine and plant some flowers. I've also been craving my bicycle. I haven't gotten on her in such a long time!! My gym is 'moving' so they're shut down. I haven't worked out in 2 weeks probably and I can totally tell.
Okay that's all I've got for ya. I really need to get moving. Here's some pictures I took that one day last week in Little Rock that there was sunshine.
Me, Grammy, and Mom after a yummy lunch at Loca Luna
Holly loved getting to enjoy the outdoors again!
I actually needed my sunglasses!!!Holly needed sunglasses too!!!

Happy Humpday! I'll try to blog from the big city. :)

Oh also head over to because she said some sweet things about myself//this blog. Thank you Tess!!!

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