Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Memphis In May 2011

We had a fantastic weekend in Memphis! Lunch at Hueys, dinner at Spindini, Brunch at Majestic, dinner at Iris....seriously....Could the food get any better? It was wonderful catching up with Wade and Alissa and spending the weekend with them....with a little bit of Jake and Ashley squeezed in on the side. We also got to go to the Grizzlies game Friday night and it was a blast! The weekend seriously wore me out though. I have not been that exhausted from going and going (partying and partying) in a long time. I am no longer 19 and that became quite evident to me this weekend. Here's a few pics!
Enjoying the patio at Spindini!!
Best wedge salad ever....
Cheering on the Grizzlies!!
Musicfest outfit! This was after the torrential downpour hit the area. Lovely...
Wade and Alissa!
Scott is always an eye closer. I just don't understand it. Why is it so hard to keep them open for a photograph? You keep them open the rest of the time. Why, when a camera is in your face, do your eyes think they need to shut down? I guess I'm just so confused....
Wade and Alissa live right across from my old building so I had to take pics of her!

What a fun weekend!! Gotta Love Memphis!

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