Sunday, May 15, 2011

Five Things

First things first....Happy 29th birthday to my brother! I cannot believe this is your last year in your 20's! Caaaarazzzyyyy!!!

I forgot I did find something at H&M. This necklace for twelve buckaroos. Steal!

I ran across this the other day and thought it was TOO funny!!! While Mom and I were both watching the royal wedding we made a comment (totally not trying to be mean here) that Beatrice and Eugenie both looked like the evil stepsisters that day. I'm sure they're both very lovely girls but for some reason we both got that impression and clearly others did too. Ha! I'd have a good laugh if I were them.

Cuatro.... Speaking of weddings, Scott told me my ring was embarrassingly dirty and suggested I get it cleaned. I guess I didn't realize how bad it had gotten!! It's so nice and sparkly now and I stare at it constantly like I did the first week I had it! Note to self: get ring cleaned frequently.

Take a look at my pretty Iris!!! I'm so excited about her popping up to visit me!

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