Friday, May 13, 2011

I heart NY {part 3}

Hannerz and I definitely took full advantage of our time in NYC. We were up and out as early as possible while the others were still snoozing in bed. So we spent a lot of time on the trip just the two of us and I loved getting to spend time with my long lost (KKG) Big Sister! I definitely hit the jackpot with the Big Sis. Some people don't get very close to theirs but Hannah and I became VERY close and I'm oh so happy for that!
This was Hannah's first trip to the Big Apple so I designated myself as her official tour guide. I wanted to make sure we did very 'New Yorky' things so we hopped in a cab and headed to The Plaza Hotel first.What was I thinking not throwing my sunglasses on? Those eyes definitely give away the fact that it was very early and I was running on just a few hours of sleep for sure... We both thought this was GORGEOUS. The picture doesn't even capture how pretty it was. I love the Plaza Hotel! I go in there every time I go to NY because it just feels so special and 'New Yorky!'
After a breeze through Bergdorf's and Louis Vuitton, we walked across the street to FAO Schwartz. I really just wanted some candy but we ended up laughing at ourselves for staying in the store for a solid 30 minutes. Maybe even longer than that. And FYI--you can buy Barbie Louboutins now. They come in the little Louboutin box and everything. Ahh! I wanted to die. Too cute.
Hannah humored me by going with me to Bar Americain for lunch. It's a Bobby Flay restaurant and I've always wanted to go there because I've heard wonderful things about it. They were all true! I would highly suggest eating there for either lunch or dinner.
I had an open faced turkey sandwich. Delicious!!
Of course we had to take a stroll through Times Square--duh. Remember---'New Yorky.' After that we took the subway and headed to Soho so Hannah could do a little splurging in Tibi--Her FAVORITE store. I wanted to go to Saks so we headed to Fifth Avenue after. After some heavy shopping we decided we needed a little break so we went into the restaurant at Saks and had a little cheese platter and glass of wine!
Our time was running out but I still hadn't found anything fun to buy that day so we popped into Bloomingdales hoping I would find at least something. I didn't. Boo!!!! We did make time for a little pop in the American Girl store. We both had Samantha right when she came out (plus every outfit and accessory offered) so we have a slight little attachment to American Girl. I learned Samantha is retired and it made me a little sad. Of course Mom has kept my doll and all of her clothes. I was obsessed with her!!!!! Did anyone else have an American Girl doll? Ahh memories. We then hopped in a cab and headed to The Roosevelt to get ready for a night full of fuuunnnn!!We ended the trip on a high note! Buddakan for dinner (AKA Carrie and Big's Rehearsal Dinner Spot in SATC//movie). Ummm....hello! SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD. I can't rave enough about this restaurant. If you're in NYC then Buddakan is a must. Such a fun atmosphere and such great food. The girls and I went on and on with every bite of food we put in our mouths!
We stayed in the meat packing district and hit up a few fun bars for lots o' (free!!!) champagne. Eventually we headed back to bed then I woke up about ooohhhh 3 hours later to hop on a flight. I'm not even kidding I have no recollection of being in Laguardia. I was SO TIRED. Then, I had a 2 hour layover in Chicago and I was so delusional I ran into a wall. Luckily for me nobody saw.
All in all, the trip was a major success. I probably got a total of 10 hours of sleep the entire time I was there but it was totally worth it. When in Rome New York City!

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