Monday, May 23, 2011

Food & Fun Talk

I believe Holly is in a coma today. She will not wake up and I'm pretty sure I know why--sausage balls. Scotts Mom made some for us yesterday and Holly is obsessed with them. She DEMANDS them!! She probably had a total of 3 last night (which is a lot for a 7 pound person) and it's made her go into a food coma.
So I just got some disappointing news. Holly can't come to Florida with us. I guess it totally slipped my mind that we should check with the condo and make sure they allow dogs--which they don't. I'm so sad. I was so excited about Holly frolicking along the beach. Grammy will just have to come to Little Rock and stay with her. Sorry Hol!!! I'm just as sad about it as you are.
These storms have got to go.
I ate so much food yesterday. By the end of the night, one would have thought I was 6 months preggers. Scott and I have been doing all these birthday celebrations. Which as you know always include food....and dessert. I've been doing lots of running to try and compensate for it! My gym reopened today which thrills me to pieces. I'm going to go at 4 and watch Oprah that way I'll be forced to run for an hour because I won't want to miss any of the show!
Let's talk about how sad we are that it's ending. I've watched my whole life and have learned so many great lessons from her and have also been thoroughly entertained as well. I hate that it's over.
Let's also talk about how annoying it is when people have to get on their soap box and say things like "it's sad people keep talking about Oprahs show ending when we're fighting a war and a bad economy.' You know what? Some people don't want to focus on depressing issues all day long. We need a little Royal Wedding talk in our lives.....but you go ahead and be boring and think all high and mighty you warm and fuzzy ball of fun. It bugs me so bad...I just roll my eyes at people like that. There's absolutely nothing wrong with people wanting to talk about fun things. Gah!

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