Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 25 List

Today is my last day to be 25. For those of you have been reading this for 1+ years now, you know I made a Top 25 Things To Do While I was 25 List. Here's the results.

1. Taste wine at a vineyard in Napa--(Nope--Didn't Do That--October Though. Almost made it!!!)

2. Go to a concert--Yes. Jerry Lee Lewis

3. Take Landon to Silver Dollar City-- Sad times...didn't get to do this.

4. Try to remember to take my contacts out when I sleep at night--Never gonna happen...I'm way to lazy for that.

5. Hit up Vegas for a long weekend--Try a week, HOLLA!!

6. Read a book--or a zillion. Check.

7. Bump into an A-list celebrity--Uh, Regis and Kelly, hello

8. Try a banana split for the first time ever--Fail

9. Go to Memphis in May--done

10. Try yoga--Negative. Still want to though

11. Travel with Scott to Chicago when he has to go for work--I hate to say I did not get to do this.

12. Figure out what Britney Spears is saying in her song, 3--I'm working on it

13. Watch a broadway show--Vegas! The show--check

14. Spend more time in the morning looking better hair/make-up/clothing wise for work--ehh, some days..

15. Obtain more shoes--By this I mean something Carrie would wear. I did buy some Tory boots. Scott failed me otherwise though

16. Run a 10K--Does a 5K count?

17. Be less sensitive--I'm much better with this. Grrr!!!

18. Make more dinners like Barefoot Contessa on a weekly basis--Weekly? Ehhh....maybe

19. Take an anniversary trip with Scott on our actual anniversary Bora Bora style--Crested Butte, Colorado style....

20. Continue my workout regime--yup

21. Give more compliments AND be more accepting when I receive one--Yes!

22. Get a picture made with Pork Chop, Sue E, Big Red, or Boss Hog--How did I not manage to do this?

23. Manage to get a family portrait made with me, Scott, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Landon & Holly--#fail

24. Enter the Regis & Kelly trivia contest so I can, A. talk to Regis & Kelly and B. win a trip--Does actually attending Regis and Kelly Live in NYC compensate? I think so.

25. Attend a black tie dinner--Done. Thank you Wade and Alissa.

Hmm....I guess I did just okay. I thought about it all year though.....Seriously.
25 was a good year. I'm sure 26 will be fine but I'm already getting sad about 'growing older.' I don't like it. Soon my skin will sag, I'll get gray hair and cellulite. I'll pee when I sneeze, get wrinkles and that random chin hair. Bleach my mustache, think pop stars are inapproporiate, grow out of a size 2 (sometimes a zero if Im lucky), start shopping at Chicos. OMG I'm literally frowning as I write this.
Okay let's just admit it. I'm not that excited about turning a year older. I like when it's my birthday but gah, it comes with consequences yall....I'll be taking Flomax before you know it.
Okay nevermind. I just googled what that is and discovered that's for an enlarged prostate and I definitely don't need to worry about ever having to take that. I saw it in It's Complicated (which I've seen probably 54 times) and it's what I immediatly thought of--when it comes to......aging. Sorry I didn't go into pharmacy.

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