Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i heart NY {part 1}

Howdie readers! Lets do a little post on the big city m'kay! We'll start with the function shirt that I had my Dad make for us girls to commemorate the big event! It's a little tradition I've started for anyone who's wedding I'm in! I thought it turned out ridiculously cute!
We arrived into NYC around 2:00. We headed to The Roosevelt Hotel and kinda hung there for the night. Until it was time to go out for dinner of course. We ate at a super yummy, very authentic Italian place in Soho called Arturos then walked just a few steps down the street to a fun little bar where we paid zero dollars for our drinks all night long. Excuse me that would be all weekend long and I'm not even exaggerating even a small little bit. Apparently men in NYC have never seen a woman before and we received drink after drink, after bottle after bottle of everything you could imagine. It was hilarious. I took a picture of about 18 guys crowded around our table one night. It was crazyness! And definitely helped the ol' pocket book as well. Cheers to that!
Hannah and I woke up at 5:45 the next morning and headed to Columbus Ave to see Regis and Kelly! We didn't have tickets but I had heard you could get in if you showed up really early and sure enough, we did! They actually taped two shows while we were there. We had to sit on the stairs for the first show (since we didn't have tickets) but for the second show one of the guests parents left and the producers told us to take their seats. Which were on the very front row. AHHH!!
You can't even comprehend how exciting going to Regis and Kelly was for me. I watch the show every. single. day. and have whole life. My mornings are not complete without Regis and Kelly. To be able to go to the show was one of those life moments for me. THEN, to be able to sit on the front row. OMG I died. It was so surreal. Kelly Ripa made eye contact with me 3 times!!! Hannah said Regis made eye contact with her once.

The pre-taped show that Hannah and I sat on the front row for will air Tuesday so everyone check it out and see if you can see us!!!

And for everyone who wants to know--Regis and Kelly both look exactly the same in person as they do on TV. Kelly is for sure a triple zero and was super friendly to the audience. Regis was a smidge bit grouchy for me. They both shook hands and took pictures with the audience during commercial breaks. I wanted a picture so bad but would feel like such a loser to ask for one.

So that was definitely the highlights of my trip....actually my year probably.

I'll wrap up the NYC trip throughout the rest of the week. I obviously have a lot to share and it would take way too much time to do it in just 1 post!

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