Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Siesta Key Wrap-Up

Our vacation to the Siesta Key's was so wonderful and relaxing! I loved how chill and casual it was. We would wake up and throw on our swimsuits while Mom cooked a yummy breakfast. We'd go down to the beach, eat lunch in the condo or out at a restaurant somewhere, then Scott and I would go to Daiquiri Deck and load up on pina coladas (we're spoiled by the all-inclusives. We're unaware of how to beach-it without our fruity drinks). After more lounging on the beach and searching in the ocean for seashells with Landon, we'd go in, get dressed, eat dinner somewhere, come in, watch Modern Family DVD's then hop in bed. It was the same routine every day and I wouldn't have had it any other way! While we were there, Siesta Key was voted the best beach in the US!! It truly is a beautiful white beach with clear blue waters. If you're looking for a great Florida vacation then I would highly recommend Siesta Key. It's my family's favorite!
Here's a few photos from the night we popped open some champagne on the beach and watched the sun set. I was really bad about photo taking on this trip. I'm always so good about it when I go with Scott on a vacation because I know I'll need a lot for my shutterfly books. I was a little lazy during this vaca. Not my usual picture nazi self..... Oh well.
We'll start with this. Don't you love the 'I'm not ready yet picture?' Those are always my fav! Haha!!
I'm ready to go back. Anyone want to rent a little condo with me and chill on the beach this summer?

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