Friday, June 24, 2011

All The Words

Hey kids! Getting a late start here this Friday. I've had a very busy day. Lunch with Jaclyn at (you guessed it!) McAlisters, hard workout, then re-showering/packing and headed down to Little Rock. Scott got off work at 3 (even though he has summer hours beginning at 11-ish...whatev) and we took off for central Arkansas. I'm hanging with my parents this weekend while Scott is in Hot Springs for a bachelor party. One of his best friends, Matt, is getting married in two weeks so I guess it's the last hooray!(Hoorah?....Excuse me, I don't know how to spell all the words)

While the boys will be getting all wild and crazy I'll be with the parentals chillaxin on the boat tomorrow. I realize how tight I am. Ha! Seriously though I love my parents--they're my besties--so I will really enjoy lake time with just them tomorrow. I love going to the lake with my parents because they like being active. We don't just sit and float in the water--we bust out the activities. The goal this year is for me to learn to slalom so.......guess we'll attempt that tomorrow! FUN TIMES! I'm really looking forward to it!
Scott and Holly love each other so much. She prefered his lap the entire ride down. Aren't they just so cute together? Oh by the way we got a new car today! Nothing really to get excited about. Scott traded his company car--the Ford Fusion for a Ford Escape (I think that's the name). It's so nice to have a company car. Free gas, free insurance, free car washes, free miles....major bonus for working with one of these vendors! Love it!!!

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