Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Brother Kyle--29--Little Rock

Let me start by saying I had some reservations about doing this because I'm not into 'match-making.' However, lots of ladies have told me I've just got to link up to Kelly's Korner and write about Kyle because he's 'such a great guy' so I decided ehhh, why not? So here we go folks!
Meet my brother Kyle! A very godly man who loves the Lord and lives his life for Him daily. Kyle loves to travel. As you can see in the photo above. He travels all over the US and every summer he takes a big mission trip. Last year it was China and on Monday he's leaving for Kenya for 2 weeks. Kyle married my husband Scott and I. It was such a special moment for my family and countless people who attended my wedding said they had never heard anyone who spoke so well and from the heart like Kyle did. Kyle is a licensed minister but he works for my Dad's company in Little Rock, Image One. ( Kyle is very ambitious and loves what he does and actually looks forward to Mondays. (don't worry that confuses me too) This is one of my favorite photos from my wedding day! Aren't they both so cute handsome!! (Kyle's not short. My husband is just abnormally tall)

Before I say too much more you should know that Kyle is a package deal!Meet the cutest kid that's ever lived, Landon! My adorable nephew and Kyle's pride and joy. Landon just turned six and he's Mr. Personality. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body, his pallet is the most sophisticated pallet for a child (adult even) I've ever seen, and he's a crazy good athlete. We have high hopes for this kid to go pro one day!! Ha! (Seriously though I'm kinda not kidding)
Landon lives in Tampa but Kyle flies to see him all the time and Landon spends his entire summer in Arkansas. Kyle is an amazing father. A lot of men could make excuses to not see their child who lives so far away but not Kyle. If there's a soccer game, he's not going to miss it. Even if there are games 3 weekends in a row. First day of school---there. Birthdays---there. Holidays---there. Random weekend just because---all the time. That Zac Brown Band song--Highway 20 Ride--Ummm.....that song IS Kyle's life. Except for driving East every other Friday he flies. :)
Kyle is a major big sports fan. All sports. And don't even get me started on the Razorbacks. He travels to every football game and is a frequent guest on the post game radio show. He decorates his car on game day like a crazy person and blares the fight song with the windows down everywhere he goes. It's hilarious! He gets lots of Woo Pig!! from equally avid fans! (Who got excited about football season just then?)During the summer you're most likely to catch Kyle on the lake or hosting a big crawfish/shrimp broil at his house with all of his best guy friends. So that's Kyle in a nutshell. He's a really great guy and he dresses cute too (What? That's important....) If you think you or a friend would have a lot in common with Kyle then allow me to play match maker and set you up! You can facebook me {Kara Luttrell Johnson} or email me {karaluttrell at gmail} and if you want to Facebook Kyle he's on there too {Kyle Luttrell}!!

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