Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eve. Like The One From Adam.

Scott always asks me the same thing when he gets home from work. What did you do today? Well, I slept in so late even though I went to bed really early. I had my weekly lunch date with Jaclyn at McAlisters, I went to Barnes and Noble and read magazines for a bit, went to the beauty supply to get some goodies then came home and talked to my Mom on the phone for a while about how I'm a few pounds heavier this summer than I was last summer. And how depressing that is since I work out harder than anybody I've ever known in my life and haven't changed my eating habits. I blame Eve. She just HAD to eat that fruit didn't she. If she hadn't I bet all of us would be in amazing shape and get to eat whatever we want. It's all her fault....
After talking to my Mom I literally couldn't hold my eyes open. I fell asleep on my sofa for an hour and a half and I had to MAKE myself get up. Do you ever have those days? It always worries me that something may be wrong with me.I decided I would sport my favorite shorts today. I've had these L.A.M.B shorts for forever. Scott said my outfit doesn't match. I disagree. It's the whole mixing patterns trend, duh! Scott always has an opinion on my outfit. Is your guy like that too? My friends husbands are just like Scott and we all think it's so funny! My Dad just notices if he thinks something is cute and he'll compliment my Mom or I. Scott is like 'ummm...that necklace doesn't go' or 'these shoes would look better I think.' HAHA. He's going to get so mad at me for calling him out.
I love that about him and I think it's really common for the guys in our generation to be like that. Or maybe it's just all of the guys I'm around. They have just as much of an interest in fashion as us girls! It's great! I wouldn't like it if Scott knew nothing about clothes or fashion or labels. One day I was running crazy late to something and I told Scott to grab something for me out of the closet and I would wear whatever he picked out. He grabbed jeans, a while button down, heels and a scarf. Ha! Perfect honey!
This is what dinner was tonight. I'm a bad wife. I wasn't in the mood to cook (or eat a grilled chicken breast or fish with vegetables like we do every night) so I picked up this take home meal from the Bentonville Butcher Deli. And this was it! I couldn't even mask the energy to open up a can of corn or something!! We simply had Mexican casserole which was delicious by the way.Since I splurged with the naughty dinner I figured we should definitely get some healthy food in our bodies and have strawberries for dessert.....with chocolate. Yum!

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