Friday, July 1, 2011

A Whole Decade?

Hi guys! Sorry I skipped on the blogging yesterday. It was a caaraaazy busy day. I woke up, worked out, came home, ate lunch, packed, and headed down to LR. Got to LR, changed clothes and 10 minutes later was out of the door to head to Hot Springs for Miss Teen Arkansas. There's a sweet girl from El Dorado competing and I had to go support her! Plus I love to still support ye ol' pageant system that's still close to ye ol' heart!! Emily was a teeny tiny little girl when I was Miss Teen Arkansas. AND, my biggest fan. She dressed up as me for Halloween one year. Couldn't you just die!!! I hope she got a lot of candy that year :)
Now she's a grown young lady and I can't believe she's old enough to compete. She's beautiful and I have faith in her filling my shoes one of these days!
I competed in MTA for the first time 10 years ago. WHAT? How has it been TEN years??? I remember it like it was yesterday just a month or two ago. Ahhh....memories. I'll have to blog one day about Kara + Miss Teen Arkansas. It was my life and I'm not being dramatic. ANYWHO......I was reunited with this one yesterday. Mom and Dad really wanted Holly to stay with them so I left her for the week. I've enjoyed getting to see my snuggle bug again. Five days was too long!!

I wore this little dress today. I know you can't see what it really looks like but I still thought I'd share! It's the perfect Razorback Game Day dress. I got it at Masons a few years ago. It was kind of long so I hemmed it to make it a little mini! I love the vintage looking pattern and it's super comfy. (I try to make that a priority in fashion) I decided to nibble on a bit of sushi tonight....from Kroger!!! I know you're probably thinking that's gross but two Asian guys are rolling it right in front of you and it actually tastes pretty decent. I can't remember what I ordered. I don't care as long as it's not tuna or salmon....just not a fan. It also has to be rolled up on the inside. Scott will eat it with a whole raw fish resting on top. I just can't do it. My pallet isn't sophisticated enough. Maybe one day....

Scott just got here. I haven't seen him since yesterday morning. Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!! I hope it's as nice and relaxing as I'm prepared for mine to be :)

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