Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend Wrap-Up

Just a little trick for when your hair is crazy dirty but you just aren't in the mood to wash it, dry it, and style it.....................

Hey y'all! How's it goin? My 4th of July weekend was lovely! I hope yours was too. We woke up very early Saturday morning and headed to DeGray. It was nice and chill and I enjoyed! Mom and I went to Miss Teen Arkansas Saturday night and it was a lot of fun.
It's actually called Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen now that there's a national pageant but I just can't bring myself to call it that. It will always be MTA. It's called MAOT because someone owned the pageant 'Miss Teen America' and wanted too much money for the title when they decided to make it national so they changed the name. At least that's what Mac told me. I was very against it. My opinion didn't matter. Ha. I really don't care for it though. It's the sister pageant to Miss America. It should be called Miss Teen America!!!! Maybe one day they could change it.....or maybe they don't care about changing it. Who knows....After the pageant Mom and I stayed with the Gobers at their lake house in Hot Springs. The next day we all met up with Scott and Dad for another fun day on the lake. Scott left for home yesterday morning because he's in his relay at work and had to get back. I'm staying in Little Rock for the week. Scott is in a wedding in Houston this weekend and we're flying out of Little Rock because the flights were way cheaper than XNA. I figured why drive up and drive right back down? Plus, I'll be all lonely at home since Scott's working so much--so it seemed easier to just stay here.

Okay I think I've probably bored you guys enough with this post. It's a little snorefest. See you back here tomorrow!

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