Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Happy Hump Day! Mine hasn't been too terribly eventful. Mom and I had lunch at my favorite--Loca Luna. They have the best tortilla soup. I could eat soup for lunch and dinner every single day. It's my FAV. After lunch I went on the hunt for some travel sized shampoo. Bumble and Bumble to be exact. I've made the mistake of not taking my own shampoo+conditioner on a trip and it was miserable. Tangles like you wouldn't believe. And I don't get tangles. I found my shampoo at a Bumble salon off Kavanaugh. After, I went to Drug Emporium to look for other hair goodies.
Hello mini product heaven!! I can get products--at cost--at the Beauty Supply and that's great but they really don't carry travel sizes. I found a mini Big Sexy Root Pump (all-time favorite hair product) on sale for 99 cents! That's cheaper than I can get it! Needless to say I collected quite a few.....and spent way too long in Drug Emporium browsing. I just love a little travel sized goodie don't you?Someone recently asked me how I would describe my style. It took me a little while because I had never thought of it before. I finally decided I could describe it in one word--simple. I love to be comfortable which is why you're most likely to find me in a flowy dress in the summertime. I like to mix and match and layer random pieces together--when I have the time. But I'm usually in just a dress or jeans and a top with fun accessories.
I just got this diamond leaf necklace at Forever 21 when I went shopping with my Mom yesterday. I actually found a ton of jewelry there. Little Rock has a huge selection! I got 3 necklaces and lots (and lots) of bangles. I love to stack bangles and I'm very picky about what they look like, therefore having a hard time finding some I approve of. Yesterday I loved almost every one in Forever. I may have spent a tad too much money but it was worth it. I'm very excited about all of my new jewry!I attempted the Kate Middleton blowout today. It looked great for about 2 hours....then this stupid Arkansas heat flattened it out. Who else thinks I look 17 in this photo?

Okay time to focus my attention on all of the Casey Anthony trial stuff. It's just a bit addicting right?

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