Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Accessorizing with Jewels

How about we talk about accessorizing today. Because honestly, I've got nothing interesting to talk about and Holly is so over photo shoots. Plus, there's something in it for you at the end--if you can make it through. Who knows I may just even spark some little jewelry ideas for you too!Lately I've been very into layering necklaces. My favorite layering pieces are these jewels here. While both would look beautiful on their own, it seems to give it an extra oomph when paired together. And in case you're wondering, yes those are real. Except not really. I got both of these at Ann Taylor. I've told you before they have super great jewelry. You need to go in there.Stacking bracelets in nothing new but I still thoroughly enjoy. I don't have a watch but I love when people stack tons of bracelets along with their watch. I almost want to get one just so I can do that but do I really want to spend money on a watch? Ehhh, probably not.How do ya'll feel about vintage? I love things that look vintage and I love vintage accessories but vintage clothes.....just not into it. I think other people look amazing in vintage clothes but it's just not for me. These necklaces are from my Grammy. She used to rock them in the 70's. I love them. There's tons of colors and you could get away with 20 or 2. Sometimes I like to twist them and make it a shorter necklace then use one of my Mimi's brooches to fasten the ends together. Of course this little gem is my favorite of them all. I guess you could consider this one to be a vintage, one of a kind. Haha. Sorry Holly. That probably wasn't very sweet of me.
Now the good part, Ashes of Laughter is having a jewelry giveaway. It's a necklace in gold vermeil with a 14k gold filled chain and clasp. It's kinda to die for. I would love to have!!! It would go with anything. I usually never enter giveaways but I entered this one and I think you should too. You could possibly get a free necklace out of it so why not? If nothing else you'll discover a fun new blog if you aren't reading it already. The link to Ashes of Laughter (don't you love that blog name?) is on my sidebar. Click on it and try to win!!


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