Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Corn Stalks and Steamers

I wish the guy next door would mow his lawn. He just moved in and his yard looks like a cow field. And I can see through his backyard fence and the weeds could easily be mistaken for corn stalks. The people who lived in it before kept their lawn immaculate. They had a beautiful front flower bed and their grass was always perfect. It's kinda sad that they worked so hard in their yard and this guy comes in and now it's just a mess. I'm tempted to get our mow guy to just cruise on through to his yard too. Drop a little hint. Do you think that would be rude? I went to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday because Scott needed a new iron because his literally blew up right in front of our faces. Aren't electric outlets so scary sometimes? Even though I don't own 1 thing that has to be ironed (if it has to be ironed it usually is dry clean only) I was super excited about going and picking out a new iron. I picked out a super cool one that acts as a steamer too. Which will work well for me because sometimes those dry clean only outfits need a little steaming and the shower just doesn't do it sometimes. I'm pretty pumped about it. I also got a little hand held vacuum. It was an impulse purchase but I decided I needed it and I've quite enjoyed it.Something is wrong with Holly. She won't eat her food. I swear I don't think she ate anything yesterday. She just stands in front of the pantry and begs for treats. I gave her 4 before 9:30 this morning because I figured she must be starving. She's had the same food for forever and has always loved it. Crazy girl. She's going to have to eat it at some point. We can't live on treats even if we all really wish we could.
That's all. Enjoy your evening!

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