Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birth Defects

We accidentally started this thing with Landon--birth defects. You see, it all started when Landon was being silly and playful in the car while we were all headed to Sarasota. He was punching and rough housing with Scott. The norm with Landon...he's definitely your typical boy. Scott can pull his eyelids back (it's so freaky) and while Landon wasn't looking Scott did it then claimed that Landon's roughness messed his eyes up. The look on Landon's face was priceless. We were all joking to Landon 'what did you do to Scott!!!!???' Landon go SO upset and was horrified that he ruined Scott's eyes. We finally told him it wasn't his fault and after many questions of why that happened (you know kids and their non-stop questions) the only thing my Mom could come up with was it's Scott's 'birth defect.' That brought on a whole new load of questions but we all just decided to go with it. Now Landon strives to find "birth defects" because he thinks they're cool. He can pop out a weird bone in his back and he's so proud that he's discovered his birth defect.

What can I say? Life with a 6 year old is interesting. Landon LOVES a birth defect. It's highly likely if you come to our house he'll ask to see yours because, as far as he's concerned, everyone has one and they're totally awesome.

Yesterday and today have been pure perfection. I went to my father-in-laws yesterday and lounged by his pool. Then Scott and I had date night at Bonefish. Today I went to the mall and did a little shopping. Ahh! So nice. Every day should be like yesterday and today.

Holly and I are headed to Little Rock tomorrow to spend time with Landon. Scott is (of course) busy with work and suggested I spend a long weekend in Little Rock so he doesn't have to feel bad about working so much. I'm waking up early and getting to LR as quickly as possible because we're going on the lake tomorrow!
I need to pack and get ready for bed. See you back here tomorrow!!

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