Monday, July 25, 2011

BLUE: Dresses, Walls and Hydrangeas

Last week Scott came home from work and wasn't in the mood to eat at home. That worked for me because 1/2 the time I don't want to eat at home. I just love a good meal out!! Plus, it makes your evening feel special and eventful. We decided to go back to Tusk and Trotter. We really enjoyed it last weekend and it's so close to our house so I think it's potentially our new hang out spot. I was in my yoga gear and Scott told me to just throw something on so this is what I chose. So simple--not even a stitch of jewelry--but comfy and breezy (a must in the summer) and easy to just grab off the hanger and wear as is. I didn't even have the chance to fix my tresses. This is my 'air dry' look. I wasn't planning on taking photos but this bright blue wall on the square in Bentonville was too pretty to ignore. This look isn't special but this dress is a good one to always keep around and this is what I typically look like on a regular day-to-day basis (minus the bad hair). I'm very minimal in the summertime. I cannot bring myself to put on 7 layers when it's 107 degrees outside. Sorry fashion world for committing such a large sin. I'll layer up for you in the fall and winter.
Can I brag for a minute and say that I'm developing quite the green thumb? Because I am. I'm impressed by how much my gardening skills have grown this summer. My flowers are crazy gorgeous and my outdoor patio makes me happy. You definitely have to love gardening because it is very time consuming. Since the weather was nice today I tended to my flowers a bit. I'm so proud of my hydrangeas because they're so beautiful and have grown so much. They're my favorite. I still haven't had any friends over to see my space!! I've got to take care of that soon.
Okay it's time for me to focus all of my attention to The Bachelorette then Gulianna and Bill. See you all back here tomorrow!

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