Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cliff Diving

Our weekend in Little Rock was a blast! Like I predicted, Landon spent the night with us every night. He's such a little cutie pie! He's obsessed with Home Alone so we had to watch that before bed every night.

I love this pic of Landon. He told me to take a picture of him diving then midway through decided he couldn't commit. Hahaha!
We had a jolly good time on Lake DeGray yesterday. The majority of the time was spent jumping off the cliffs. I did not participate. That terrifies me. I would manage to find the one rock that decided to suddenly grow as I was climbing the cliff.
Other than Landon (accidentally) nailing me in the face (which I totally didn't see coming) with a football it was a great day. I have a huge whelp on the left side of my face but luckily no black eye. And my Marc Jacobs sunglasses didn't break. That was the first thing that came to mind....and apparently Scott's too. I pulled them off my head immediately and gave them a one-over. Sad huh?
Those are the times you're grateful you're a few drinks in. Otherwise I know I would have cried like a baby. If this were twitter I would hashtag #whendrinkingisagoodthing.
I'm not sure if anything has ever hurt me that bad. I'm lucky that I've never been into any kind of accident (knock on wood) because I am crazy sore from just a football to the face.
That's about it. I managed to leave my camera, drivers license, credit card, AND (so tragic) my laptop at my parents house. I'm usually so much more responsible than that. I am big time annoyed with myself. I'm grateful to have an iPad but I'm not quite sure how I can live without the actual computer. It will for sure be a challenge especially when it comes to blogging. Scott's going to have to give up working for just a little bit at night to allow me to update Kara's Stories. Wish me luck with that!


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