Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunny Toes

I am so bad at painting my fingernails. So bad!! I tried to be cheap and attempted to do it myself today and it looked horrendous. I washed it off immediately and headed to my favorite nail salon. So worth the money!! I love getting my nails done. It's my Friday ritual. I get really tickled looking at everyone holding their hands up to the mini fan while they attempt to get their nails dry. I'm positive it's where Lady Gaga got her 'paw' inspiration.
Scott and I are in Little Rock for the weekend to see this cute little fella. I overheard him telling my Mom while I was talking to her on the phone 'I wanna see Kara' and that did me in. I told Scott we HAD to go to Little Rock this weekend--non-negotiable. He's spending the night with us tonight. Landon has a hidden talent. Youchie doesn't this look like it hurts??!! He can literally walk all over the house on top of his toes. He looks just like Rose from Titanic. It's painful to watch yet totally mesmerizing.
We're going to the lake tomorrow. Fun times are sure to be had. Enjoy your weekend!!

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