Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Real

---Do you ever play that game in your house 'let's see who will do it first?' We have a suitcase sitting in our garage....wonder who's going to finally put it in the attack. There's a wine glass that's been waiting to get hand washed for a few days. Let's be honest, I'm the one who always gets it done but I like to just wait and see if maybe Scott will do it. But he never does so I don't know why I play this game especially since he's totally unaware that I'm playing it.
---Do you ever think of something that will make you LOL no matter what? My friend, Wade, knew someone in high school who was from Africa or something. His name was Sha'theed. Except it was spelled Shithead. I'm sorry I can't help but laugh every time I think about that.
---Could someone please tell me why it's so annoying to change the toilet paper roll? I play that game with Scott too.
---You know how I told you about a week ago that I wished my neighbor would mow his yard? He still hasn't mowed it and I've decided I'm going to have to make a call to our POA. It's unacceptable.
---Yesterday on GMA they made this huge ordeal about these very young girls who are competitive dancers. They practice many hours a week and when they compete they (gasp!!) wear make-up and (bigger gasp!!!) their costumes show their bellies. I'm pretty sure a 7 year old girl who wears make-up occasionally will turn out just fine. And what do you want them to dance in? A Shirley Temple dress? Jeans? They think their mothers are bad parents because they have to practice so much. Why can't they appreciate that these girls are phenomenal dancers and probably want to practice that much because they love dancing and it's their hobby!!! They will probably be big time dancers one day--appreciate their talent. It's no different than these US women soccer players. They're intense. Not only do they practice soccer every day--all day, I'm sure they also run many miles and eat a super strict diet. And you know what? Sometimes they only wear sports bras. How come we aren't raising cane about that? Am I the only person that this irritates?
---Why is everyone so shocked by the JLo/Marc split? I always thought they were an odd couple.
---You know how they say dogs resemble their owners? I find that to be true in so many cases!!
---I only eat Boars Head deli meat. Everything else is gross to me. The reason this is interesting is because my husband is pretty much the head of the deli department at Walmart for Sara Lee.
---Have you ever had a pregnant bell pepper? You know, where a baby bell pepper is inside. So cute.
---Gulianna and Bill is back on TV and I'm so happy. They're so stinkin adorable. Now we need Rachel Zoe and Entourage and my summer TV watching will get way better.
......Until tomorrow......

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