Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trotter, Potter, And Chris

Whew it's hot outside! It makes it kinda miserable to water my flowers. I've managed to rig my water sprinkler to where it basically gets the job done. It isn't very 'green' of me since the sprinkler has to run for a really long time in order to get the flowers really drenched but oh well. Scott and I had a great weekend! We went to the new restaurant in Bentonville, Tusk and Trotter, and I'm happy to report that it was delicious! We will definitely go back. The atmosphere is casual so I was a little disappointed in that but the food was nice and yummy so that works. After dinner we went to Harry Potter!!!! We stood in line for an hour before the movie started so we could get a good seat. Scott was a tad against doing that but he grinned and bared it for me! The wait really didn't seem to last too long and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the teens in line with me about Harry Potter and Twilight.Harry Potter was SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. It is my favorite movie of the entire series for sure. It ended so perfectly and at one point towards the end I got goosebumps because it was so intense between Harry and Voldemort. I definitely want to see it again before it leaves the theaters.
Saturday afternoon was nice and chill. We slept in late then had lunch at McAlisters. Scott worked all afternoon but later that evening we went to Ruth's Chris for a delicious dinner with his Mom.We went to church the next day which was nice because I can't remember the last time we went to our church since we've been out of town so much. The worship was really great. That's my favorite part about church. I get more out of a really beautiful song with really powerful words than I do the sermon usually. After church with had lunch with Scott's Dad then spent the rest of the day at home.
Scott came home from work at lunch and stayed here to work. Sometimes he can get way more done when he's at home. I love having him here even though we don't speak much. I try to leave him alone but I can't say the same for Holly. She adores Scott and thinks he needs to be paying attention to her.

Okay I guess I need to try and decide what I'm going to cook for dinner tonight.

Until tomorrow....

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