Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back To Silence

Greetings! Sorry I skipped out on you yesterday. I had a busy day and drove back home so I didn't have much time to blog because I had to catch up on my DVR'd shows. Like the new header?
Can I complain for just a second? Am I the only one who gets slightly irritated with weather/social networking? How many people have put on Facebook or Twitter this week 'It's SOOO hot!!' We know!!!!! We're experiencing it too. It's the same when it snows. 'OMG there is SO MUCH snow outside!!!.' Thank you for that information but I have a window and I can see that for myself. Nearly every person feels the need to talk about it. We've got it. We're living in the same world as you are. GAH!! Anyways... My trip to Little Rock was great. I always love getting to see my precious little nephew. I've managed to get him hooked on Harry Potter and I love that! He refused to watch it at first. He said the music would give him bad dreams. But he somehow gave in and he loves it. I'm willing to bet he dresses up as Harry Potter for Halloween. Funny Holly/Landon story. I've said many times before that Landon LOVES Holly but Holly does not reciprocate those feelings. Landon is just a touch too rambunctious for Hol. She is the definition of a lap dog. My parents have this sofa/bench in front of their bed that we all like to sit on and watch TV. Landon was sitting there playing his DS when Holly walked in front of him on her way to her bed. Of course Landon starts grabbing at her trying to pick her up while she's struggling and squirming to fight him off. Later, Holly was ready to walk past him again. Except this time, she took a long look at Landon--and the door--then crawled under my parents bed to get around him and out of the door safely. Smarty.While I adore spending time with my little buddy I'm happy to be back home so I can enjoy my 'adult life' that I love so much. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch TV--in silence. Ahh!!

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