Thursday, August 4, 2011


When I was picking out my flowers earlier this summer I went with this gorgeous orange flower that promised to attract butterflies. Umm...they weren't kidding! I have butterflies everywhere. Also, they're laying cocoons on this flower. There's probably 15 caterpillars and they're all very colorful! If you look closely, you can see how different each butterflies colors are!
The first butterfly is very proud of his colors. He always has his wings spread wide and indulges in photo shoots!!
My day hasn't been too terribly eventful thus far. I woke up around 7:30 with Scott, successfully (yay!) made an omelet, kissed my husband goodbye, showered, read blogs, went to the gym, came home and made lunch for myself (grilled chicken salad) and Scott (turkey sandwich). I really need to clean my house and have the best of intentions of doing that if I can just. get. in. the. mood. Later this evening, I'm gathering with all of my favorite girls--and their husbands--in Fayetteville to celebrate Jacqueline's birthday! A Pomegranate Martini from Theos--my all time favorite--is definitely calling my name. I haven't had a grown up beverage in forever!!

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