Friday, August 5, 2011

Late Fridays

I suppose I'm getting a very late start on blogging today as there are only 2 hours left of it! Not much to report though....
Celebrating Jacqueline's birthday last night was so fun--just like I knew it would be. Scott wasn't able to go. He had to work (of course). I was sad to be the only one husbandless but I'm starting to get used to it.

Scott is in his relay at work right now. I usually have one crying breakdown every relay since I hardly get to see him and don't even feel like I have a husband but I've managed to forgo that this time. Look at me being such a big girl!! As sad as it sounds, I guess I'm getting very (very) used to the whole 'my husband works ALL the time' thing. Holly helps with that. She's a good company keeper :)

Alright. Even though it's so late I'm contemplating watching a movie. But going to bed does sound so fantastic too. Decisions, decisions...

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