Sunday, August 7, 2011

Keeping Fayetteville Funky

Yesterday was a very fun day! Scott & I decided to spend our Saturday in Fayetteville and visit all of our favorite local places. I just LOVE Fayetteville and miss living there SO much. It's for sure the best town in Arkansas.
We started our day off by strolling through the farmers market and popping in a few stores on the square. I had never been in Riffraff before. Hello! So cute. They have adorable clothes and super fun Razorback gear. It's a must visit if you're in Fayetteville. After strolling along the square, Scott and I went to one of our local favorites for lunch-Hugos.
Hugos is SOOOO yum. I love eating there and so does everyone else. It's always jam packed.
We ran around Fayetteville for a few hours stopping by my favorite boutiques--Masons and Lola, getting my beloved skin care products (Dermalogica) at Ulta, stocking up on wine (Benton County is dry), and browsing through the mall. That's when I found this at the cookie shop and couldn't resist!
I'm totally going to make a "cookie taco" the next time I have company. So presh!!

We ended our day with sushi and a little vino.
I love an outing in Fayetteville. Bentonville just isn't nearly as cool. Plus, my former residence was a little more awesome than my current one :)
And just so you know, I'm so ready for football season to start. Being in Fayetteville officially did it to me.

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