Monday, August 8, 2011

Pretty Lace and Sweet Tea

I'm channeling Kate Hudson in the Almost Famous movie poster. Working or not so much? By the way I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada right now. Uh-bsessed.

So I've noticed a problem. First of all, I love a good fashion magazine. I indulge in a few a week. The only thing bad about this is I literally finish, set it down, grab my keys, then go shopping. I tear out pages of certain styles I like then try to go find. Yes, it's a challenge as I live in Arkansas but I usually can manage. If not, the trusty computer usually lends a hand with the online shopping. While I was handing over the credit card today I had a revelation and thought to myself hmm....I think I finally may be understanding what Scott's been trying to say to me about the whole shopping too much thing. I blame it on being a housewife. I wasn't this way before. Ahh well. Whatcha gonna do?Speaking of clothes, I bought this skirt light years ago and finally showed her off Friday night. I had date night at Bonefish. Not with Scott--but my best girl, Jaclyn. I got it at the Gap on sale for like $9. Seriously. The lace detail on the bottom won my heart over. I feel super girly when I wear it which I love. I paired it with a sequin tank that I stole from my Mom (Loft I think) and my new favorite pumps that I just bought--Sam Edelman. It's been brought to my attention that I've been posting outfits but forgetting to tell you where they're from. Rookie mistake. I'll do better from now on.
Last but not least, I had a major red face moment today. I went to McAlisters after my workout to get a tea (half/half with a lemon). I made an impromptu decision to buy some of their honey mustard because it's oh so yummy and I would love to have some at home. I order my tea and ask for 4 'servings' of their honey mustard and the girl checking me out said she would have to ask the manager what to charge me for that. So she asks him right in front of me and he says 'Oh don't charge her. She's in here every day.' Burn.
For the record, I'm not in there every day.

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