Monday, August 22, 2011

Say My Name, Say My Name

So I've created a marital problem with the new job. Tax forms. A W-4 or whatever that is. See technically my name is still Kara Luttrell. My drivers license says Kara Johnson but my social still ends with Luttrell....along with my passport. I've never had any intention in changing it to be honest. When I have kids--yes. For now--no. I don't know...losing my identity is harder than the average lady I guess. I've always liked my last name....maiden name.
Scott and I got in an argument tonight. I had to bring home my tax forms because I didn't know how to fill them out--no judging--that's what Dad's and Husbands are for. Anywho....It's confusing because it's like 'what's your name Kara??'
I dunno? What is my name?
Scott was like 'seriously, what do you want your name to be? Decide. You make it hard on our taxes and finances.' And I'm like 'ummm....I like Kara Luttrell better.' And he's like 'what about when we have kids? What is their last name going to be?' And I'm like 'I'm not trying to be all Hillary-Rodham-Clinton or anything but I dunno....give me time to figure it out.' And he's like 'Figure it out by's been 3 years.'
Gah! The pressure. I'm SO traditional so it's hard to believe, even to myself, that I haven't changed my name. Something about me just doesn't want to let it go. Why do women have to do it and men don't? It's the only way I'm a feminist. Seriously.
Since we're being completely honest can I totally open up?
1.) Bachelor Pad: Melissa--girl you've got to find a new hairstylist. The color is not good--you need a base break along with some honey and caramel low lights. AND a weekly conditioning treatment + a trim would do you wonders. Seriously friend. It's necessary. Nothing personal. I'm trying to help you.
2.) I totally get why people who have a hard job come home from work and immediately pour a glass of wine. Obviously I've had a job before but I had the luxury of having breaks--client gaps, intentionally off days, color processing breaks etc. I literally stand on my feet all day except for the 30 minutes I get to blog. Don't get me wrong--I'm obsessed with my new job but I'm exhausted and my bottom is getting firmer from standing all day. (Not kidding--I can literally feel it.) I normally save the vino for the weekends but on the ride home today all I could think of was white wine in my Vera glasses...
3.) I can't believe how supportive you all have been with my new job. (with the exception of following Ropa's blog, GAH!) Facebook/email/text/or in person--so many of you have reached out and told me how excited you are for me and it's just so nice! Not kidding, it seriously makes my day. I love it!!!!

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