Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FIRST grade.

Landon Luttrell went back to school yesterday. He's such a big boy now--1st grade!! I can't believe he's old enough to be in the first grade. I talked to him yesterday to check in and make sure he had a good day. From what I gathered, he has a new backpack (blue and black) there's a soccer and baseball field which he'll get to play on when 'coach' let's them--not recess. He has a music class (which he seemed pretty stoked about) and he doesn't know his teachers name because 'it's really hard to say.' {That would be Ms. Fomuke--pronounced like Feaux Mu. I agree, that is hard. What were they thinking making her the 1st grade teacher?}

Landon was quick to change the subject and say 'hey you know what Kara, I've seen all of the Harry Potters now except for the very last one, Deathly Hallows Part 2. I've seen Part 1.' I wrote earlier this summer that I had been trying to get Landon to watch Harry Potter with me but he utterly refused because he said 'the music would give him nightmares.' So finally one night Mom, Dad, and I started watching the first one while Landon was playing with his Leggos. It didn't take him 5 minutes to become interested and now he's obsessed. I've gotta be honest I'm surprised he even likes the HP's past #3. They get way more adult and I'm shocked that he can follow it and that the music doesn't give him nightmares. Ahh, well. I'm glad I started something fun for him! I asked him if he was going to be Harry Potter for Halloween and he said 'mmmm............I'll probably be Mario.' Anywho, I love talking to Landon on the phone but he literally wouldn't stop talking to me about Harry Potter. I finally had to be like 'okay bud I've gotta go now!!' Our phone conversation was 20 minutes of Harry Potter and 3 minutes of his first day of school. Ha!! I hope he has a good year and learns lots of new and fun things! And makes a lot of new friends too. Cutie Pie.

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