Friday, August 26, 2011


Hi friends!! {Ahhh, to blog only using my mindless thoughts and not special/articulate/proper fashion words.} I promise the new job will not conflict with the every day Kara blogging. I've been feeling guilty. I'm getting used to the new routine so you'll have to give me a little slack. My new job kicks my butt. I don't even have a spare 5 minutes to check Facebook and Twitter. #sadtimes. #annoying.
I love my job though. I have those moments where I'm like 'Woo hoo! This is awesome!!' I'm going and going all day--in heels--and it wears me out--but I love it. As everyone who knows me has said to me, it's a perfect fit.

Sew, I'm sure you've read my tweet where I passed out yesterday. It's a little on the personal side but I've decided to share because I'm an over-sharer and that makes since--since I have a blog and all. This post is for the ladies. Gents step away.
I went to my lady doctor yesterday.....
I've been contemplating for a very long time about getting off the pill. Something about the pill making my body always think it's pregnant + all the hormones + the weight gain (neat) + a million other things have brought me to that decision. Since I'm not ready for kids yet I don't want to not use preventative measures. After nearly a year and a half of thinking about it I decided I wanted to get an IUD. I talked with my doctor about it and she went on and on about how much she loved the IUD. She said it gives you 40 times less hormones than the pill but is just as effective and since I try to do well by my body/health I was sold.
Yesterday I went to get this fabulous IUD. My doctor told me to take an Ibuprofen because I may feel some cramping during the placement process.
So my doctor is in the process of placing it and I suddenly have the most intense pain I've ever felt in my whole entire life. Not being dramatic. It was horrific.
Background info on Kara: I'm the type of person who will 'take' the pain as to not create an awkward situation. If the dentist is hurting me, I say it's okay. If someone gives me a 3rd degree burn with a curling iron--it's cool. I'm good. No worries.
But, for the first time in my life, I experienced pain so badly, I screamed and begged her to stop. Then I passed out. Yes that's right. I. Passed. Out---From the pain. I passed out from the pain!!
I don't know how long I was out, but while I was coming to, I felt a random wet rag on my forehead, and a nurse was gripping my hand while my doctor was encouraging me to wake up. I could hear noises and I could see light but it seemed to take me forever to be able to answer the 'are you okay' question. About 2 minutes of silence later, I guess my doctor felt I was 'there' enough to tell me it was her making me dilate that caused the pain and made me pass out. My response? 'Maybe I don't want 3 kids.' (That was me trying to make the situation not awkward anymore)
I then asked her if the insertion process was successful and she said no. Followed by 'I think this isn't the right method for you.' think?
She didn't want me to drive home so she suggested I call my husband to come and get me. I've never been more happy to see Scott.
I got home and googled and got a little bit angry. I love my doctor--I think she's great and smart and I love her bedside manor. However, when I was discussing this birth control method she failed to give me details. Such as--most doctors don't give a woman an IUD unless they've given birth. Or without giving them a small dose of anesthesia if they haven't given birth.
It took me many hours to feel normal again. And seriously, it's traumatized me. I cannot articulate into words how painful of an experience it was. To scream and beg for someone to stop hurting me--woah. I only felt the pain for probably 5 seconds before I passed out from it. And then to pass out--well that's so scary.
I was driving home from work today--reliving it--and when I got home I crawled in the bed and sobbed. Seriously, it's traumatized me. It was so horrific. I could never express enough how painful it was.

This was personal for me to share but I know many girls who are my age/in the same life stage as myself read my blog and have/may have considered this type of birth control method and my opinion is NO. I will never try this again. Babies or no babies.

With the love and care given to me by my husband, who sacrificed and left work (during his busiest time ever) to watch over me--to my perfect Mom who continually checked in/asked questions/tried to empathize with my pain--to my best friend (Jaclyn) who texted me all day to make sure I was okay--I made it through the day and ended up feeling back to my normal self. Because I had to. I work in fashion now. And I had a runway show to get to. :)
Considering I had just passed out a few hours earlier, I felt like I was able to clean myself up pretty decently. The 'Kelly Ripa' (Joie) dress boosted my spirits. Yeah I get to borrow clothes now. Die. I may buy this one. I love it.

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