Monday, August 29, 2011

I Hear Crickets

Hi friends! Did you have a good Monday? I did! Mom and Grammy are here to visit because Scott is in Chicago for a work trip. I don't stay alone. I hear every single noise my house makes and am convinced every time that it's a creepy man coming to get me. I always leave the TV on so I can see if the random man is watching me sleep but then the light and noise keeps me up so I basically don't get sleep and nearly have a heart attack all night if I'm alone. Not worth it. I'm grateful that my Mom can always come and stay with me when Scott is away. I didn't work today and I'm not working tomorrow--weird schedule this week--so I'm getting to really enjoy their company and hang out!

Eww....Mom just found a cricket. Seriously y'all, I find one in my house almost every day. What is the deal? We have the bug spray man come as often as he's supposed to. Do you think it's because it's so hot? I dunno but it grosses me out.

Sorry. Detour.

I've finally got my sweet little doodlebug back! I missed my girl so much. She was sad that her favorite person--Scott--wasn't here but I told Holly he'll be back soon. I was talking to Scott on the phone last night. He was out with all of his co-workers and as we were getting off the phone he said 'tell Holly I love her!!' In front of all of his co-workers. Haha. I was surprised he said that in front of them but it made me so happy that he did! Real Man.
Okay. Time to watch Gulianna and Bill. I just love them. EXCEPT I do have a reality TV annoyance. I hate when reality stars 'talk' to the camera to explain their feelings as if it's happening to them right then and there. You the Kardashians do. We know you're taping that interview months after it all happened and you're trying to make us think you stepped aside from the situation--in different clothes--to talk to a camera? It bugs. Real bad.

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