Wednesday, August 31, 2011


1.) I've thoroughly enjoyed Mom and Grammy's company--as always. We ate out for every single meal, began our Christmas decoration shopping, watched The Help {2nd time for me}, watched shows together, and talked, and talked. I love my Mom and Grammy combo company. The three of us have always been inseparable. A lot of people are close to their grandparents but I'm extra close to my Grammy. She's one of my best friends and I can tell her anything. Along with my Mom too of course. I'm very grateful for our 'three musketeers' friendship.
2.) Scott came home today and Holly was so excited to see him that when he picked her up to love on her, she let out a little squirt of TT. Normally, pee, poop, vomit, or anything of that nature totally grosses Scott out but he actually thought it was so sweet that Holly did that on him and I think he almost enjoyed it. Then he showered immediately.
3.) We're watching HGTV right now. A couple had to decide between a house or a wedding. Scott asked me what I would choose. DUH. Do I even have to say it out loud? {That would be wedding in case these years of blogging have taught you nothing about me}
4.) I have some traumatic news. I have to miss the first Razorback game this weekend. Try to control your tears--I've somehow managed. It was inevitable that it would happen and I figured I would probably miss out on quite a few games. I cannot even imagine not attending though. I feel as if I will sink into a depression on Saturday. In all of my years of working, I've never--not once--missed a home game. I can't talk about it anymore....
5.) Scott is, at this very moment, trying to talk to me about his conference in Chicago. He just rewound the new Hillshire Farm commercial (they're part of the Sara Lee corporation...along with a lot of other brands) and asked me to give my opinion on the new 'slogan.' Really? I'm such a vendor wife. I even refer to Walmart stores by their number now. Instead of saying I went to the Bentonville Walmart I say 'I went to store 100.' People try to talk to me about Walmart/Suppliers and I feel as if I could give them every piece of advice/information needed. What is this?
6.) Speaking of Scott's conference--he was watching Guliana and Bill with me and noticed one of Bill's friends works for Sara Lee and Scott has spoken with him several times. My husband instantly became cooler tonight. I'm going to have to sneak my way into one of these conferences, charm this guy, and work out a dinner with us and Guliana and Bill. Could you die? I think me and Guliana could be friends and Scott acts so much like Bill it amazes me. This is so going to happen....

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