Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stormy Weather

Holly and I have managed to spend a lot of time at home this week with all of the rain. I'm so grateful for the rain. We've definitely needed it!! But it's put a lack of something interesting to talk about on the blog here.
Today was 70 degrees in Bentonville. I almost threw on my fall boots but then realized 70 degrees is a 'normal' summer temperature. Ahhh, fall. So ready for it. It's my favorite season. Except, don't you kinda feel like we get only one week of fall weather then it heads straight to winter? So annoying.
The thunder last night was so loud is woke both Scott and I up. And then the little doodlebug. I put her in her bed last night but at 2:30 she came running to me saying 'Kara, I'm scared. Please let me sleep with you tonight.' How can you turn down her face? It's impossible. So she slept very soundly and I did not. It blows my mind that a 7 pound dog can manage to take up so. much. room. She likes to sleep with her back against my pillow. That leaves just a little bit of room for my head!! Oh well. She's worth it! True love.I just got a large sting of hunger. I better get to choppin those vegetables!! I would love if Scott didn't have to work tonight. The rain and thunder is the perfect backdrop to a movie and a blanket. Maybe I can convince him.

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