Friday, August 12, 2011

There's No Place Like Kansas {City}

Wednesday night Scott came home from work insisting we have some champagne. Why? I asked. He said he took off Thursday and Friday so we could hang out! I was so shocked and couldn't believe my ears. Then he suggested we go to Kansas City for the weekend. Whaaat? So that's what we're doing right now! Driving to KC!!

Yesterday we went to Fayetteville for lunch--Farrells and last night we ate at Crabbys then went to see The Help. Which was phenom by the way. I'm loving the non-working husband thing! So fun.

I met my Mom in Clarksville yesterday (1/2 between NWA & LR) with my little girl so she could babysit while I took my weekend adventure. We used to split our time with Holly much more evenly than we do these days. Holly Luttrell is pretty much a full-time resident at the Johnson household. We truly believe it's what she prefers. (sorry Mom and Dad)
I told Mom we're going to want her back no later than next weekend. Haha. I'm not very good with sharing her like I used to be. Yesterday I had major anxiety about being away from Holly. I've never quite been that bad before. Anywho. I know Mom and Dad are happy to have a little spunky puppy in their house this week.
Okay. Time to pay attention to my husband. Enjoy your weekend as much as I'm hoping to enjoy mine!!

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