Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bed Rest

I've officially been put on bed rest for the remainder of the week. I made my foot worse yesterday because I haven't really obeyed my doctors orders of staying off it as much as possible for 2-3 weeks. I could walk fine so I figured it was no problem. Wrong! I've made it so much worse. My foot is now green and yellow and the shower water hitting it this morning stung. And I'm back to limping. I could really use a hoverround right now!

Today hasn't been too boring. I've kept myself entertained by reading magazines and countless hours of television. I also baked a few goodies for Scott.

Banana Nut, Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry Muffins! I figured it was okay to bake. I just stood and put no weight on my left foot. My doctor probably wouldn't be happy to hear I did that. Oh well...

I got a very fun package in the mail today! I've been wanting some Hunter rain boots for a while so I finally ordered a pair online. I'm so excited! I went with the original style in green and I'm very excited about future Hunter sock shopping.

Want to know something that brings me happiness? My makeup bag. I think it's so cute and it's the perfect size for all of my products. I have a lot of makeup and most bags aren't big enough but this Tory Burch cosmetic bag is just right! Love it!

J. Crew opened in Little Rock yesterday and I'm beyond excited. So is my Mom. Because she knows it's my very favorite store and figures it'll want me to come to Little Rock more. Ha! She's probably right!

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