Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today's Tuesday.

One week later and my foot is still hurting me!! Scott says it's because I'm too active. I think he may be right. I would go crazy if all I did was sit on the sofa and watch TV though!! I've gotta get out for just a few hours. I've never had anything hurt me this long--even when I twisted my ankles. And I still suffer the repercussions of those injuries. Every time it rains ol' grandma here gets all achy in her ankles. And the first few steps of my runs always kill my ankles. Who knows what this new injury is going to do to me now. I'm so terrified of re-hurting my foot. Even if little Holly stepped on it somehow I would die. It is very tender. Ugh. Ready for this to be over. On a good note, my doctor has called me twice to check on my foot. I think that is just so nice of him to take the time out of his busy day to do that.
Guess what else? My back is SO SORE. I'm guessing it's the car wreck?? The wreck wasn't even that bad but I guess it was bad enough to make my back get sore. Scott pointed out a funny--this just hasn't been my month. Pass out at the doctor--get fired--break foot--get in wreck--back get's sore. Hmmm.....surly October will be really fabulous.
I'm about to head out and search for a pretty wrap for my Mom to wear at night. On Thursday my Mom and Dad are off to Spain, France, and Italy. Aren't you so utterly jealous of them? I'm so excited for them and I hope their trip is so fabulous that they want to buy a home in one of those places. Any one would do. Ha!
I've also got to get a passport photo made for my Visa for China. Ugh. Passport photos are the worst. They make drivers license photos look like glamour shots.
Okay. I guess I better get moving. I'm going to try to make my outing be as quick as possible then I'm going to come home, prop my feet up, and read some magazines. I've got 2 Glamour and 2 Marie Claire's to dig into.

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