Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kibbles, Cookies, and Tabloids

I am a very happy girl because my husband isn't working for the rest of the week! He decided to take 2 days off. He's got nearly 20 vacation days left for the year so he wants to use them up as much as he can. It's going to be a nice, LONG, weekend and I'm very excited about it!

Holly and I enjoyed a little vitamin D today. Holly isn't very outdoorsy. She loves to get the mail and go for a walk but she doesn't just love hanging outside. However, we must have spent 30 minutes in my backyard enjoying the lovely weather.

Holly is so funny though--she won't get in the grass. She walks all around the patio and stands at the edge to sniff the grass but she won't walk in it. She does the same at my parents. Silly girl.
Also, I think I may have found something Holly will eat. Kibbles and Bits! She used to eat those when we first got her then we switched her to a much healthier food--Science Diet--and she's been eating that for a decade or so now. I wish she would eat a little healthier but I guess it doesn't really matter at this point. As long as she's eating, I'm happy.

Speaking of healthy, or lack thereof, look what snuck into my cart at Walmart today! I may have gone a bit overboard but I always buy cookies when fall strikes. It's my tradition!

And finally, I saw this when I was waiting to check out. Good Grief! Sadly, some people will actually believe that. Remember what I say--you can only trust People and TMZ and the majority of the time, US Weekly gets it right but not always.
Happy Modern Family Day!

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