Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Walk In The Park

Scott and I took Holly on a little adventure today--The Bentonville Bark Park. She loves the Bark Park but sadly, I don't take her that often. Holly definitely enjoyed herself! She loves to sniff and explore so the Bark Park is perfect! The fun little obstacles are a bit tricky for a 7 pound lady but she attempted and enjoyed anyway. We stayed for about 20 minutes which was plenty of time for Holly. She's an indoor kinda gal. She enjoys an adventure but is always excited to get back home. After a quick stop by Sonic to get her some water (she was panting like crazy) we headed home....Tonight Scott and I had date night at Bonefish! It was much needed. I haven't been able to really get out and about since my whole foot ordeal and I've very much missed a night out. I had a bit of trouble getting dressed because most of my 'going out' outfits require heels. Getting ready was sightly traumatizing because of my lack of options but I pulled something together and decided it would do--would have looked way cuter with heels--but good enough.
Since Scott and I always watch movies on the weekends, we've put ourselves in a bit of a predicament. We've run out of movies to watch!!!! It's a little embarrassing that we've literally seen all the movies. So we decided to go to Best Buy after dinner and purchase the first season of Mad Men. I've heard it's so good and I think it could (potentially) be a show Scott and I will both enjoy. Of course we had to stare at TV's while we were there for a good 18 minutes but you know....that's normal...
Time for Mad Men! Fingers crossed that we love it! We need something to watch on the weekends that's not a Disney/Pixar film. Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy those actually....

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