Friday, September 30, 2011

Stroller For Holly

Scott and I were out and about all day today! It felt good to get out of the house but I'm afraid my foot is suffering for it. Just yesterday it was starting to feel SO much better. I better stay off it tomorrow.

While out and about, Scott and I were talking about how we wish we could have brought Holly with us. I hate leaving her for long periods of time. Even though I'm sure she's sleeping the whole time we're gone. Regardless, I decided I should carry Holly around more so we went to Petco and got her a dog stroller! Hehe.

A lot of people in NWA tote their dogs around and now, I'm going to be one of them! Holly LOVES to go bye-bye and she's such a good, calm, and quiet dog so I think she deserves a dog stroller. And PS, she loves it. I knew she would because when Landon was little he always wanted to put Holly in his stroller and push her around and she happily obliged.
A little ridiculous? Maybe. But I don't care. I think this stroller is going to come in very handy....

And as if Holly hadn't already had a fabulous day, Scott made her a dessert with her favorite treats: Ice cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Beggin Strip. He wanted to know what she would tackle first. I was a bit against it, I mean, that's a little extreme, but my curiosity got the best of me and I gave in. And just so you know, it went Ice Cream--Beggin Strip--Chocolate Chip Cookie.

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