Monday, October 3, 2011

Bullet Points

•I'm glad Amanda Knox was found not guilty today. I've been following this case for four years...even going so far as recording/watching the Lifetime movie about her starring Hayden Panettiere. I don't think she did it. I don't know. There's something a little odd about her story but I don't think she's a murderer. I can't imagine being locked up in a foreign prison with a foreign justice system. So scary! This is neither here nor there but I do wonder if she'll ever have the desire to visit Italy again? She clearly loved it before all this happened. Maybe that's the travel bug coming out of me. Am I so ridiculous for even wondering that? Most likely.
•Holly is so stinkin cute to me. I love her sweet face and her petite little body! Precious.
•If you suffer from insomnia, Pintrest is a great way to help pass the time until you feel sleepy again. Just FYI.
•I'm addicted to a large chili from Wendy's.
•Got a random phone call from a Memphis friend today saying she was trying out one of the recipes I gave her and had a few questions. I loved the surprise phone call. Oh, and she's preggers! They aren't going to find out the sex of the baby until he/she is born. I could never! My curiosity would get the best of me!!
•Speaking of kiddos, Scott and I get the "when are y'all going to start?" question ALL. THE. TIME. As Scott says, we seem to be on the rolling 5 year plan. Since the day we got married we said "probably 5 years." We still say "probably 5 years." Ha! However, nothing makes me grin bigger than seeing a baby/toddler/kiddo. They're all just way too cute!! I feel that way about dogs too though so I don't know what that says about me. I can see myself being like No. No. No to kids then magically waking up one day and being like "Let's do this." So I guess you never know....

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