Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ummm.....I have nothing because my life is pretty much uneventful. Holly is still looking all cute and I'm still suffering from insomnia. My foot is SO much better. I'm walking normal now but there are still limits. I can get out and walk around but only for a short amount of time. My foot keeps revealing new bruises--3 weeks later--but it's all good. I'm just happy it's healing. There was a moment there last week where I thought this could be a problem for 6 weeks but I don't think thats the case anymore. Whew!
I'm leaving for China in 10 days. SO Exciting!!
The announcement of the new iPhone came out today. I was hoping for the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 4whatever will do plenty fine. My 3GS is dunzo. I don't even look at Facebook or Twitter on my phone anymore because the updates are entirely too slow. Tragic, I know.
My Mom says she calls me--I have no missed calls. Sometimes, my phone shuts off and restarts itself on it's own--without me requesting it--while I magically watch it happen.
I have weird problems with phones it seems. I tend to wait out the newest cool phone therefore causing my older phone to get so ancient in the mobile world, it acts all crazy.
I had a blackberry that, not kidding, magically called people. My Mom had the same problem--with the same phone--which helped me feel better with the weirdness. A few times, I tried to text someone, and it chose a different person than I wanted to receive it! Seriously. I woke up a (concerned) aunt at 2 AM & a (non friendly) ex. BUMM-ER. Both texts were evenly crunchy and super accidental and I almost wanted to sue AT&T for the embarrassment but felt that would be a lot more trouble than it was worth.
Anywho, I'm getting the new iPhone because mine is SO SLOW!!! Scott is getting one too. His first iPhone. I'm overly excited. I can actually text him pictures now! Scott even said he may join Facebook AND Twitter. I die if that happens. We should throw a party. Scott is VERY (VERY...VERY) private so Scott Johnson participating in social networking would blow my mind. Of course he would never update and be sure to install all of the privacy settings but still!!
Tired. Odd to bed now,

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