Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

I had a fun day yesterday! I was a little personal shopper for my father-in-law, Randy. He's been building this beautiful home for himself in Pinnacle and he's FINALLY moving in next week. I say finally because this house has taken him 10 months to build! I live with a sense of urgency. I would be so impatient and anxious to move in by now if I were him!!
Anyways, Randy is getting rid of everything and getting all new! So fun. Scott and I are actually taking some of his hand-me-down furniture. However it's hardly hand-me-down. It's all from Lighting Emporium and hardly used. We're getting his dining room table. I'm way excited because I've always told Randy I want it when he's done with it. It's beyond beautiful. I secretly think he's getting a new dining room table for himself because he knows how much I want his. He would never admit it but I know I'm right. So sweet! Randy is also giving Scott and I his sofa. I'm almost as obsessed with his sofa as I am his table. Almost. I despise the sofa I have now. It's Scott's bachelor sofa and I've suffered with this ugly thing long enough. Thinking about it now actually, I'm very surprised with myself that I've lived with it for 3 years.......hmmmm.....Excuse me.......I'm having a moment.......Moving along.
Randy has probably sat on the sofa and used the dining room table MAYBE a dozen times. They're basically brand new. Seriously. I feel very lucky!
SO, since he's moving into this great new house, he wanted me to shop for him and get his house ready. From sheets, to silverware, to pots and pans and bath towels....I did it all! And I loved it! It was so fun! Randy gave me cash and a few directions on items he needed and I took off and went shopping!
It took me all day long and I was excited about all of my purchases! Randy is such a bachelor. I mean, he's been one for almost 20 years now! To say he's a minimalist is an understatement. He has empty closets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and zero clutter. Zero. Scott and I go to his house a lot and we all cook together and it's so hard because I'm like 'where's your casserole dish? Do you have a mixing bowl? Measuring cups? No? Okay...this is challenging." So I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, Dillards, and TJ Maxx and fixed him up. When I brought all of it over to his house to show and explain to him what I bought and why I bought it, he was almost mesmerized. Example:
"Whenever you have leftovers, you can put it in this tupperware and it will keep it fresh for a lot longer."
"OOOOHHHHHH!I will definitely use that. That's really cool."
Ha! When I say I got him everything, I got him everything. It cracked me up because he was like "you're so good at this." I just hope he uses it. For fathers day last year, I bought him oven mitts and kitchen towels because he literally didn't own them. I got him cookie sheets yesterday because he cooks stuff in the oven and only uses foil to put it on. See. Minimalist.
So that's what consumed my day yesterday. I had fun and Randy is really excited about all of his new stuff. Now I'm excited to help him decorate. He usually has someone from Lighting Emporium decorate his house for him but I'm going to help him this time and it'll be fun. We both have the same taste so it should go well.

This is a long post but I can't sign off without saying how much Steve Job's death (surprisingly) affected me yesterday. I've obviously never met the man but he literally changed the way I live my life. He's today's Ben Franklin! I found it so powerful that this/is Apple's website right now. Wow. So moving.

He changed our world, our lives. I've always been a Apple/Mac girl. I had the iPod right when it came out, I learned how to use a computer on a Mac because it's what my Dad has always bought. I got the iPhone right when it came out--as well as the iPad too basically. He's a genius and will go down in history as one of the greatest Americans that's ever lived--who changed our world in a really awesome way.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish!

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